Growth Marketing (Internship or full time Junior)

The Role

  • Ideate and execute marketing campaigns across multiple channels and media driving engagement and inbound leads within our target audience, ultimately generating revenue to continue accelerating our growth. In particular you will work with social media, both from engagement point of view but also ads.
  • Monitor and analyze the impact from different channels and growth initiatives to identify opportunities to optimize the marketing strategy.
  • Understand and find opportunities in all the stages of the AARRR funnel. Execute and deliver impact from Awareness to Retention.
  • Create, manage and experiment with new user acquisition campaigns.
  • Manage all social media platforms that might be needed and drive content creation and audience growth with creative approaches.
  • Run experiments across the funnel, improving conversion rate, and working cross-department to collaborate on new initiatives.
  • Work with the Head of Marketing and across functions to iterate and refine our go to market strategy for new and existing products.
  • Contribute learnings and ideas to help build and evolve our wider brand strategies and initiatives.

Your qualifications

  • English bilingual or outstanding.
  • No particular background is required. A Marketing bachelor makes sense, but also fans of people who come from Math, Arts, Philosophy, Engineering or without a degree.
  • Some experience in a Campaign Marketing, Growth Marketing or Demand Generation role, ideally with mobile services. If you do not have any experience, you can show personal or student projects that show your ability or drive to do such thing.
  • You really love social media. You are a memelord of sorts. You understand community building and can explain what that means. You have a sensibility for what makes people tick on social media.
  • You are a little impatient.
  • Strong sense of ownership and a “whatever it takes” attitude towards getting stuff done.
  • Outstanding, written, verbal communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Good logical thinking and self-motivated problem solving skills.
  • Ability to work independently and to determine workload priorities.
  • A passion for products, technology and very data driven.
  • Knowledge and experience in reporting and analytics, or strong willingness to learn statistics, math and data visualization. You consider yourself a technical person, you look forward to testing and integrating tools that optimize your work efficiency.
  • Experience or interested in programming skills optional.

👉 What's in it for you


  • Working on healthy ageing is one of the most rewarding and fascinating fields of the moment.
  • Company committed to building the best version of itself possible: culture, processes, personal growth, team collaboration, transparency, working environment.
  • Work from home or from our Valencia office in the middle of hip Ruzafa
  • Ability to define the future of the company at every level
  • High accountability environment, with very few yet high caliber people who will do many things, so a lot to learn.
  • We trust you.
  • We promise transparency and treating you like an adult.
  • Package that rewards commitment to self improvement, proficiency and humanity.
  • Fun retreats at the inner forests of Valencia. Our home setting is at Balneario de Cofrentes.
  • We understand and respect personal life.
  • Solid memes.
  • No meetings on Fridays.
  • Flexibility with your life.

What to expect

  • Subject matter experts in the field of longevity. You will learn a lot about it.
  • No dramas, no politics and no internal secrets. We will speak to you the way we speak in this job description.
  • Expect accountability. No hiding. No excuses. We do what we promise.
  • Expect that we will take our culture very seriously.
  • Expect random peaks of work. But out of peak we will not make up random tasks just to extract more work from people. Go to the park. Read fiction. Travel.
  • Expect that we expect you to make the company better.
  • Expect to get your hands dirty when it is needed.
  • Expect to be important from your first day.
  • Expect that we will care about your personal and profesional development. The moment we believe we cannot give you the right growth pathway for whatever reason, we will help you find other opportunities outside.