Our culture

Our Words of Radiance...

  • We take deep pride in the problem we solve. Healthy Longevity is 1% done.
We have big aspirations, but aim to execute them with the smallest core team possible
"How big is your team?" "Small, very small. The smallest possible"
  • The experience IS the product. We optimize for learning. We are a massive iterative engine.
  • A 10-years game: Firm ethics guide our decisions. We think long-term.
  • We work fewer hours, maybe even fewer days.
  • We optimize for clarity of message which gives us Mental Flow 🧘🏿‍♀️
  • All stakeholders have access to metrics, decisions and challenges. We put communication first.
  • We externalize as much as possible. We double-down in our core advantage.
  • We don't "pay-to-pitch" at events. We don't do unpaid B2B "partnerships". We don't fluff about in the Startupy world. We don't care about startup top 10s. We celebrate customers, not fundraises.
  • We give fewer settings and options. We delete features.
  • We respect other people's times. We enjoy long focus time. We don't distract others. We free up our calendars. Our email is not our todo list.
  • We want to be proven wrong as quickly as possible. We listen carefully. We ask one more question.
  • We make decisions based on customers qualitative and quantitative feedback. We limit opinions, we avoid anecdotes, we call them out when we hear them.
  • We avoid strategic distractions and particularly free-unsolicited-advice from non-customers
  • We say no 🙅‍♀️: To features, to partnerships, to opportunities, to corporates, to coffee meetings, to trips, to conferences, to events.
  • Work Life Integration beats Balance. We pick up our children from school.
  • We practice trust. Trust generates healthier, more productive, enriching relations amongst team members, organisations, customers and ourselves. Lack of trust hides a cost we don't want to carry around. We are willing to trust, and accept the risk of deception when it happens.
  • 🌱We will have a negative carbon footprint. Society and our planet are stakeholders (actually written into our bylaws)
  • We try to avoid work by making better decisions upfront. We build ever-improving processes.
  • We don't kick problems forward. We acknowledge and solve them early. We are not embarrassed to request help. We are not embarrassed to acknowledge what we don't know.
  • We don't believe you need "to struggle" to succeed 🏜️. Go enjoy doing things right and succeed.
  • We respect competition and will appreciate the things they do right, but we will not care about them.
  • We appreciate and embrace uncertainty. Uncertainty is chaos, and in chaos there is opportunity. We turn uncertainties into business engines upon uncovering them.
  • We give our people the growth opportunities they deserve. If we cannot give them the growth trajectory they deserve, we will help them to find opportunities outside.
  • We have fun. For real. If you are not having fun then please find another job. We don't have pingpong-type perks. What is fun is the objectives, the work you do, the team you are part of, the way we work, and the laughs we share along the journey.
  • We are humble. We keep our feet on the ground. We don't over-celebrate, we don't over-punish ourselves. We keep on working. When we shall fall, we will raise each time a better company.
  • We don't give fluffy answers. We don't sugarcoat. We do the homework and find the right answers.
  • We are fair with our customers. We want to be customers of this company.
  • We don't have a team member prototype, but they naturally adhere to these words.

These words... are accepted

A culture is as strong as the worst behaviour you are willing to let go.

Unacceptable behaviours will lead to yellow cards with clear personal improvement goals, and in some cases, red cards:

  • We will not tolerate dishonest behaviors, lies, half truths
  • We will not tolerate stereotyping jokes.
  • We will not tolerate obstructing the growth of other people, appropriating other people's work, bad-mouthing other people, and other politics
  • We will not tolerate people who hold grudges and cannot shake off tension by speaking things out.
  • We will not tolerate disrespect of other team-members' opinions (In general, we avoid political discussion at the work place, but sometimes it is unavoidable. The company will also take, in limited situations, a stand on certain political matters)
  • We will not tolerate childish behaviours, repeated show of unprofessionalism.
  • We will not tolerate cultural misfit, in general. Culture before superstars.

Common understanding:

  • Regardless of what we discover we believe that everyone did the best job they could, given what they knew at the time, their skills and abilities, the resources available, and the situation at hand.
    • We don't say "I told you" after the event
    • When we make a decision, we all go in the same direction.

Culture is more important in Hard Times. What when things go wrong?

  • We always keep our values first. We keep our words of Radiance
  • We don't hide dead bodies. We don't cut corners. We don't become short-term thinkers.
  • We treat employees as adults and make them part of the decisions. We increase communication.
  • If cost cutting is necessary, we deal with it earlier. We don't avoid the difficult conversations.
  • If pivoting is necessary, we take enough time to plan and reconsider the options. We stop development. We pull the trigger on eliminating past features or products, and avoid baggage.
  • We share our disagreements, with respect, but with confidence and pride, because we care about the problem. We all go in the direction of the decision taken, even if we disagree with it.
  • If we disagree with a decision and it turns out to be a bad decision, we dont rejoice. We stand with the team. We took the best decision we could with the available data we had. Everything is obvious in hindsight.
  • We avoid surprise bad news. Everybody is aware of situations.
  • We contextualize the situation in the big order of things. Life is about more things than work. Cool down, close the computer, tomorrow will be better, you can do it.

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