Remote culture

As a full-remote company, we need to operate with remote-first processes from day one. This is where we collect them along with its inspiration


This is work in progress. To be improved with every interaction

Why Remote?

Talent grows everywhere. By creating a remote culture, we are enabling more people to participate of our story.

What does Remote mean?

It's not really about a physical location or office. It is about self-management of time, schedule and working hours. It is about responsibility and accountability, and it is about trust. It is about work-life integration, and enjoying our children, and having time to take them to school and pick them up. It is also about multicultural colleagues, and accepting other people's behaviours and opinions, and adapting to them like they adapt to yours. Remote means freedom to roam, and freedom to change. Remote allows us to walk around the park while in a call.

Remote is impossible without the right tools, the right people and the right culture. Some jobs require a physical space (e.g. recording videos at a facility), but that does not mean they are not remote, as they also communicate, share and experience the company from anywhere, and use the tools to accommodate that working lifestyle.

What does Remote not mean?

Remote does not mean working from home. You deserve a good desk at home, or wherever you decide to work. As a team member, you can choose a good chair, a comfortable keyboard, and a decent computer and headphones. You can also work at the shared space (e.g. wework) that is most comfortable to you.

Remote does not mean being available all the time, or working every hour of day and night, or that there are no holidays.

Remote does not mean we don't get to see each other. We organize regular gatherings to share experiences and get to know each other better.

Remote does not mean we work alone. We use the tools to share knowledge, to pairprogram, to celebrate birthdays and success.


In order to succeed, we need to define clear processes to prioritize, deliver and share activity and knowledge.

We are generally async, and you manage your own time, but we ask that you are diligent about these rituals.

We are not late to rituals, and we don't come unprepared. We don't waste our teammates' time. We expect the same of them.

Remote references we like

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