Job Openings

Job Openings

Hi there 👋🏽!

This is Hearts Radiant's job board. We are the team building the Rosita App, still in private beta. You can visit the rest of our public pages at


If you are a potential applicant, you might want to read our culture first:

Current Job Openings

Fullstack product developer
Junior Product Developer
Mobile product developer


Contact us on

Please send your CV along with a brief cover letter explaining why you want to work with us and why you think you are a good fit. You can send your past work, githubs, portfolios, etc. If you want to ask questions, we are happy to answer them.

If we have a common contact or friend let us know too.

Our promise

  • Equal opportunities and fair review of all applicants.
  • If we interview you, we will give you feedback even if we cannot make you an offer to join us.
  • Roles are fairly liquid. We might look for a full-time job but be happy for you to be part-time if that works better for you, or freelance for a few months, etc.
  • Not sugar-coating what to expect from the company and its progress. No surprises.