Team Openings

Team Openings

Hi there, future Radiant 👋🏽!

This is Hearts Radiant's job board. We are the team building the Rosita App. You can visit the rest of our public pages at


🌱 About the Company


We are on a mission to extend Healthy Life Expectancy

About us


Life expectancy is around 85 in Western countries; However "Healthy Life expectancy" (without disability) is only 65. Our seniors live over 20% of their lives with with bad health and limitations, many of which can be avoided or delayed with the proper guidance and by improving lifestyle and behaviors. We set up the mission to increase people's Healthy Life Expectancy for millions to avoid dependency.

We are building an AI Longevity Coach for seniors to increase their healthy lifespan from home. In particular, we start with Frailty. Frailty is a silent epidemic that affects over 50% of the senior population. Frailty leads to loss of equilibrium, then a bad falling, then long rehab, reduced muscle, sarcopenia, en finally dependance, with the massive impact to their families and society. Frailty can be reverted with proper evaluation, exercise plans, motivation and monitoring. This has been proven in the offline world with the methodology of world-renowned longevity professor Viña. He has joined our company to create a longevity methodology online. Frailty is our first pillar in our Longevity Plan.

Why Join us:

Longevity has inspired the minds of artists, philosophers, religions and authors since the beginning of society. Death is the last human frontier. We do not have the tools to immortality, but we now have the ability to extend the healthy longevity of the people you loved the most.

We hope that you will be inspired by a very large ambition to eradicate dependency, to help seniors live to 100 with good health, avoiding all the mortal diseases that could have been prevented.

Our founding team has the subject matter expertise in Longevity, and the experience building digital products. Join us if you want to be part of world-class team early on, when you will have the opportunity to shape the company, the product and the culture.

Join us if you want to join a product-led company, and if you care about building technology for seniors. Join us if you accept and embrace uncertainty. The solution to healthy longevity is 1% done.

There is a lot to be done, and we need to accept that we will not able to execute even half of the things we would like to do, but the half we do get to build... wow, the impact to those people, their families, society as a whole ... Come build with us.


It is important to us and we will expect you to have read it before talking to us.

Current Job Openings

Backend developer (Senior)
Backend developer (Junior)
Mobile developer


Contact us on

Please send your CV along with a brief cover letter explaining why you want to work with us and why you think you are a good fit. You can send your past work, githubs, portfolios, etc.

If we have a common contact or friend let us know too.

Our promise

  • Equal opportunities and fair review of all applicants.
  • If we interview you, we will give you feedback even if we cannot make you an offer to join us.
  • Roles are fairly liquid. We might look for a full-time job but be happy for you to be part-time if that works better for you, or freelance for a few months, etc.
  • Not sugar-coating what to expect from the company and its progress. No surprises.