Mobile developer

👋 The role

What you will do

You will start working with our mobile products, with a focus on the clients and App fronts.

You will work directly for the CTO in a small horizontal team. You will contribute to the product and roadmap definition, from OKRs to Epics to Tasks, that build our long term milestones. We are too small and it's too early to be very specific about what exactly we will need in 6 months. We expect you to help us define that. You understand this, and you will thrive in such environment, switching hats when needed and pushing in the area where most needed. But that does not mean it has to be crazy. You will help building the right processes.

Things you will do from day one:

  • Code scalable software that will be used by thousand of seniors and shall be used by millions.
  • Advocate best practice software engineering principles within the team.
  • Participate in technical decisions.
  • Help strategize technical architecture and product roadmap.
  • Drive process in an agile environment. Help improve all processes and connection with business.
  • Building for seniors is very different from what you may have done before. Guidelines and common tools may not fit perfectly here. You will sometimes have to fight your instincts or experience to put the customer first.
  • We solve a hard problem, over building a specific technology. We don't fall in love with technologies. You will need to acquire contextual knowledge.
  • Product will evolve, parts of the tech stack come and go, features deleted. Parts of your early code will be let go.
  • We are a fully remote company from day one, with its many small benefits and its few big challenges.
  • Mobile development at scale is a challenge. But you know that already.
Our tech stack

Our current products are built using this stack. We don't expect you know all of these pieces, but we expect you to have or grow opinions about how to evolve it for the better if you join us.

  • Mobile Apps: Flutter / Dart to support Android and iOS apps.
  • Nodejs / Javascript backend and API.
  • Firebase backend: Firestore, Cloud functions and other mobile-oriented services.
  • AWS, Google Cloud, Agora for storage and video media delivery.
  • Segment, Amplitude, BigQuery and related tools for data analysis.
Required skills
  • You consider yourself a senior developer. That basically means you are able to defend why.
  • Working experience developing mobile applications and related stack. You know how to iterate fast and experienced the pains of growth in this particular environment.
  • Experience with Android, Dart and/or Flutter and Firebase / Google Cloud.
  • You are good in at least one (any) backend language and stack, or you are awesome at a transferrable language.
  • Plus: experience building backend systems and APIs that are able to scale. If you are comfortable with other parts of our tech, feel free to reach out. We might have a role for you anyway.
  • You enjoy writing clean, elegant, performant code. You are pragmatic. You know when to do quick and dirty.
  • You understand why best practices are important. You feel comfortable in agile environments: Kanban, CI, code reviews, pair programming, git workflows, etc. You have strong project management, problem-solving and planning skills. You understand prioritization and delivery accountability.
  • You can operate autonomously. You understand building software is a collaborative effort.
  • You have experience working remotely, value its pros and are able to deal with its cons.
  • You enjoy guiding and teaching others. You make others better. You understand shared code ownership.
  • It itches you when something does not work. You rub the itching but it won't go away until you find a more elegant solution that works.
  • You are open minded, resilient, optimist and exercise a positive attitude.
  • You adhere naturally to our
    Our culture
  • Strong communication skills with good English.
  • We believe in attitude over aptitude. If you don't check many of the items above, but feel you could be a great fit, we encourage you to consider applying. Make sure to explain why.

Bonus tracks
  • Working experience in Machine Learning techniques / NLP / Data Science. Or you are really interested in learning.
  • You are a software polyglot.
  • You are strong in the lower layers of mobile. You built and SDK or you like to tinker with sensors.
  • Experience leading teams.
  • You contribute to Open Source. Share examples.
  • You have own or pet projects. Share examples.

👉 What's in it for you

Your benefits
  • Working on healthy ageing is one of the most rewarding and fascinating fields of the moment.
  • Full remote team and culture from day one.
  • Company committed to building the best version of itself possible: culture, processes, personal growth, team collaboration, transparency, working environment.
  • Work with great tools and great people. We value our time and will value yours.
  • Ability to define the future of the company, rather than being more hands.
  • High accountability environment, with very few yet high caliber people who will do many things, so a lot to learn.
  • We trust you.
  • We promise transparency and treating you like an adult.
  • Package that rewards commitment to self improvement, proficiency and humanity.
  • Fun retreats at the inner forests of Valencia. Our home setting is at Balneario de Cofrentes.
  • Salary range up to €55k, depending on skills and what you can bring.
  • Flexibility with your life. We are open to Full Time, Part Time, Freelance, etc. We just want to work with the right people.
Other Perks
  • We understand and respect personal life.
  • Solid memes.
  • We aim to work fewer hours. No meetings on Fridays.
  • We understand introverts.
What to expect
  • A seasoned C-team. A CEO who will get his hands dirty. A CTO who cares more about product, people and process than technology. A CCO with tons of experience delivering longevity services to seniors.
  • Subject matter experts in the field of longevity. You will learn a lot about it.
  • No dramas, no politics and no internal secrets. We will speak to you the way we speak in this job description.
  • We are a product company. Product product product. Not tech. Not marketing. Expect to wear the product hat quite a bit.
  • Expect accountability. No hiding. No excuses. We do what we promise.
  • Expect that we will take our culture very seriously. Read it carefully.
  • The first MVP has already some technical debt. Expect that we acknowledge that. Expect we care to fix it. When? When we have sufficient product Market Fit or growth that makes the business case for the debt worth fixing. Not earlier. Not later. Not because refactoring is fun.
  • Expect random peaks of work. But out of peak we will not make up random tasks just to extract more work from people. Go to the park. Read fiction. Travel.
  • Expect that we expect you to make the company better. We will listen. And act.
  • Expect to change roles or to get your hands dirty with unrelated things to your main job description when it is needed.
  • Expect to be important from your first day.
  • Expect that we will care about your personal and profesional development. The moment we believe we cannot give you the right growth pathway for whatever reason, we will help you find other opportunities outside.
  • On your first 30 days you will probably have pushed new features to production, fixed a few bugs and understood what we want to do. You will have started to design some user flows with our designer. You will have helped define an epic. You will have had direct contact with our customers, either by making a few calls from our contact centre, listening to them or interviewing them.
You should not apply if ...
  • You prefer to be an expert in just one technology.
  • You expect a perfectly defined unalterable Roadmap and a perfectly clear job definition. We're 1% done. Expect uncertainty.
  • You would rather not have to talk to customers directly.
  • You need more than 12 months runway certainty for your personal safety and finances.
  • You like flashy startup parties and offices. We are frugal.
  • You like to work in a big team. We don't measure success by size of team. We will need to be pretty overwhelmed before we take on more people.
  • You expect to build DeepMind's AI.
  • You can't adhere to most of our values.

If you would like to apply, or if you have questions, reach out on

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