Open Progress

Open Progress

Hello Radiant!

This is an open live page of what we have been up to and noteworthy events (mostly for investors, fans and other stakeholders). This page is work in progress, but at some point we will share KPIs and a public Product Roadmap.

October 2020

  • Research programs initiated!
  • We just announced our existence with this little article on Techcrunch, yei!

September 2020

  • Getting ready for public launch
  • We started our sales process to public institutions. We have now spoken to over 300 townhalls.
  • Released our first version of itineraries, which will become a fundamental part of our product, our habits engine.
  • We have setup some really great Product Cycle process, aiming to have 1.5 month product cycles. With our current funding, we have 6 product cycles. 6 bets and opportunities to get this right.

August 2020

July 2020

  • Upload to Google Play accepted! Private Beta users!
  • Micro-seed round completely wired. Now for wise spending of funds.
  • TV Producer onboard. Creating quality content 🥳
  • Branding decided. What we have right now is mostly a place holder of a brand.

June 2020

  • Round complete. TS signed, contract underway. Oversubscribed (nice word).
  • Content manager onboard. Gerontologist onboard. Worldwide renowned Frailty scientist onboard.
  • Commercial team onboard, selling! CRM coming together to enable sales.
  • Separated Staging from Production. We now have a stable production app!
  • Opening process to make our first full-time hires. Check our
    Job Openings

May 2020

  • Micro-seed round underway. Very nice couple of weeks. Termsheets negotiated
  • Product coming together quite nicely. There are only 2 or 3 "features" we need. The rest will be continuous improvement, so we can start our launch plan.
  • Many new content providers onboard.
  • We now have a designer! Juan did his best until now, but it is time to move the batton to someone who knows how to do UI properly :)
  • Analytics, CI and other security elements on
  • Our processes are improving. Solid connection of Long term milestones to Objectivs to Epics to Development Roadmap. If we want to be an Iterative Engine, we need to be fantastic at process.
  • We have completed the B4B program

April 2020

  • We participated in the EUvsVirus Hackathon. It was useful as a goal for the month to put together a prototype, and we did! We got to stream an activity from one phone to another, but there are several bugs and this is not ready for prime time
  • Gabi joined the development, so we will start to move faster now
  • We got commitment for the first 50k of funding! yei, first check is important!
  • We have gotten an official legal name now
  • Pilot test agreed with village of Cofrentes for 300 seniors to be our control group for testing. This will be important in 18 months when we want statistical proof that we can revert frailty
  • We started the conversation with a certain neurologist from Harvard we cannot share publicly. Exciting. Also other content providers in music, sports...
  • Agreement with the Valencian Scientist in Longevity. Awaiting signature.
  • our FB Live group keeps growing, from 35 to now over 30,000 views per day or so
  • Trying to figure out whether we can build a commercial team to call alpha users
  • The longevity strategy umbrella is underway, although we still have work to do to make it an integral part of the prototype. For now it will be behind the scenes.

March 2020

  • Still early days, we don't know yet how much we need to raise. Also, the market has changed. Difficult to tell.
  • We have applied to a couple of accelerator programs.
  • Our Slack was born these days, and we are now 10 people strong with many different types of people who are helping out at different levels
  • Development is the main challenge. We only really have a freelance dev dedicating enough time to it. Without additional resources this will be tough.
  • We have designed a big chunk of the product on Sketch
  • We have had to also close the Longevity school for now. Big impact to hundreds of employees, and the region, but it was necessary. First thermal spa to close in Spain, before anyone, and giving notice to all other spas in the Spa association that they should do it (they did it, several days later).
  • It has become apparent that in order to do this right, we are going to have to push the throttle. This cannot be a bootstrapped project. Our seniors are at home alone. We need to help them faster.
  • We are starting to consider whether to fundraise and what a fundraising round should look like.

Feb 2020

I am writing this after the event, so I don't really remember everything (Feb and previous months):

  • At this point we did not have a single line of code written other than a signup, but the concept was coming together, and Mitesh (Upwork external developer) was starting.
  • We battled back and forth with the concept, from what we had originally considered in December, to where we were heading. Some of the most interesting discussions had to do with scalability, marketplace, 1st party content vs 3rd party content, what an infinite group looks like, what a group of 1 looks like, why it matters.
  • We have applied to a few subsidies to see if we can get some initial push. We want to mostly bootstrap this.
  • First contact with a certain important Valencian scientist in Longevity. Names when we can.
  • Coronavirus is very worrying. We have been in an airport on the 20th trying not to touch anything. We have not used masks yet because we don't have. Nobody seemed to use them in the Airport (Geneva) but we were worried. At least no case has been announced in Switzerland yet.

Jan 2020

  • Team is growing! More about this later.
  • Concept keeps growing, but still looks like a proactive voice assitant.
  • Juan dedicates a significant amount of time reading about coronavirus on Reddit, seems to be the only person talking about it. 500 new people in China got it today.

Dec 2019

  • Bought domain!
  • We want a voice assistant that helps people age better, using our experience from the Longevity School.
  • This is probably going to be a 10 year project, at least. Not a short term startup. We want this for the long term. We have a blue ocean of opportunity of things to do with seniors and leverage our experience.