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When people think of Longevity technology, they probably think of increasing Lifespan to over 140 years. This is going to be most likely achieved through biotech (Telomeres, NAD, senescent cells, CRISPR, and other fascinating areas of work).

However, while Western countries' Life Expectancy is around 83, the undiscussed Healthy Life Expectancy ("living without limitation") remains at just under 64. This means that most seniors live almost 20 years with bad health that limits their dreams, their projects and their playing with their grandchildren.

Traditional health systems are designed to avoid death, not to increase youth. The rest of mammals live young and die quickly. Humans die very slowly. The objective of Hearts Radiant is not to live past 140. We aim to help millions of seniors live to 95 with good health, laughter and personal projects, reducing the risk of dependency, and the tragedy to the senior, their families and society as a whole.

You might think that ageing is mostly “genetic” and “unavoidable”. However, different studies suggest that only 20% is genetic, while 80% is epigenetic (environmental factors and lifestyle), which is good news because that means we can all do something proactive about it. What you need is coaching and support to know where you are, where you should be, and what to do to get there.

Introducing Rosita, a Longevity Coach for seniors to optimize their Longevity Strategy:

Rosita is a virtual Longevity Coach that aims to help seniors increase their healthy lifespan and hence avoid the risk of dependency.

Longevity has no single silver bullet. Of the different healthy longevity strategies, our initial focus in 2020 is to avoid Frailty. Frailty is the leading indicator for dependency. Over 50% of seniors are Frail of Pre-Frail. But it can be reverted with the right methodologies, as researched by renowned longevity Professor José Viña, who recently joined us: "I join Hearts Radiant to build avant-garde technology to stimulate senior persons to perform and promote a healthy and happy aging from home”

This is our corporate site. You can visit our consumer site here: rositalongevity.com

Our App is available on Android and iOS - Rosita Longevity.



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